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Sunday, April 25, 2010

one hell of a hiatus

Wow ... I can't believe how long it's been since I posted to my blog. Time just sort of slipped by me there, and all of a sudden, TWO AND A HALF WEEKS have passed. How did that happen?

What was I doing all this time? Well, for the first week at least, I was just floating along, practicing my happy-for-no-reason lifestyle. But then I lost my place in the book, and forgot to think about the little things that were making me happy, and all of a sudden, I'm back to cynical little me. (Time to start reading again, maybe.)

This past week, I was knitting furiously to finish up my gifts for my stashbuster swap buddy. Everything got completed today, and hooray, hooray! It's going out in the mail tomorrow. Jenny in Mechanicsville, MD will be receiving a lacy spring scarf that I knit from 100% corn yarn (you can't believe how soft the stuff is!), and a crocheted cotton clutch bag (try saying that 10 times fast) that I lined with a bright summery fabric.

Here's a pic of the scarf:
Here's the bag:

and its lining:

Jenny sent me a felted needle roll with cables to hold the needles, two skeins of wool (one is the softest wool I have ever felt in my life), and assorted knitting odds and ends.
Here's what the knitting needle case looks like when it's all rolled up:
Can't wait to fill it with my knitting needles. I'm thinking that this case will be for my wooden needles, and the tapestry case I've been using will house my metal and plastic ones. (I know, I know ... how many knitting needles does one girl need? In my case, a whole lot.)

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