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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

favorite (fictional) knitters, part IV

It's been a while since we've visited my favorite fictional knitters and I don't know about you, but I've kind of missed them. Here's one who resides at the top of my list:
Gromit, from Aardman Animations' Wallace and Gromit franchise.

Gromit lives with his human companion Wallace in an indeterminate English village. He doesn't speak. After all, that would be silly -- animals don't speak. (Of course, knitting is another story). Even wordless, Gromit manages to be wonderfully expressive in the style of Buster Keaton and other silent film greats.

Gromit's birthday is February 12th, which makes him an Aquarius. Aquarians have keen intellects and are highly eccentric, and usually prefer the company of other eccentric types. They seek out people who are original, creative and exciting, and sometimes even a little dangerous or unstable, in order to obtain novel experiences. You can see this in Gromit's relationship with Wallace, who has opened up their home to a bank-robbing penguin, built a rocket to the moon for a cheese-tasting holiday, and repeately gotten them both involved in some sort of wacky mayhem.
Gromit graduated from "Dogwarts University" with a double first (the highest honors) in Engineering for Dogs. He and Wallace are both excellent engineers and inventors; one of their most famous inventions being the Knit-O-Matic. The Knit-O-Matic was featured in the animated short "A Close Shave," which won the Academy Award for Animated Short film in 1995.
This little film introduced Wallace's short-lived love interest -- yarn shop owner Wendolene Ramsbottom -- and Shaun the Sheep, who has gone on to become a famous fictional knitter in his own right. In the movie, Wallace and Gromit save England from a (gasp!) wool shortage, and Wendolene from the clutches of her sinister, sheep-rustling robot dog, Preston.
In 2008, reality and fantasy merged when the Wallace and Gromit's Children Foundation tried to set a world record for the biggest ever hand knitted Tea Cozy. (That record was set in April 2009 by BUPA care homes across the UK.)

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