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Saturday, January 30, 2010

my sister the model

My blessed sister came to my house in the 14 degree weather yesterday to model some of the pieces I've finished. Although you can't see her face here, I think she makes an effective model. (By the way, that's the finished Gaugin Neck Warmer she's modeling.)

Poor Andrea has been the object of my photographic obsession since the day I first picked up a camera. There was one picture I took of her, a very artsy b&w semi-nude (tastefully done from the back of course), that I thought of as an homage to Ingres. My mother, on the other hand, saw it as nothing more than soft-core kiddy porn (Andrea being only 14 at the time). I've still got that picture, stored somewhere in the bowels of my closets, and I promise to look for it and post it for all the world to pass judgment themselves.

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