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Saturday, March 20, 2010

b is for books

I'm trying to catch up on an ABC-Along that I found on Ravelry. Every two weeks, you post a picture on your blog of something that has meaning to your life, corresponding to successive letters in the alphabet.

Well, the ABC-Along started in January, so I'm a little behind. Between now and March 26th, I've got to get up to "E".

Here's my entry for "B". It shows about a third of my knitting and crocheting book collection:
In my mother's day, you went to the yarn store, picked out a sweater you liked, and got handwritten instructions or a poor-quality photocopy to bring home. Knitters who were willing to shell out a few more bucks had a fairly limited choice of magazines and pamphlets.

But today, the sky's the limit. Go to, plug in the word "knitting" in the Books category and 9,481 results pop up. There are pattern books, technique books, stitch dictionaries, essay books, fiction centering on knitting, knitting calendars ... it's enough to make your head spin.

My husband thinks I have way too many books. He doesn't have a clue how bad it could really be.


Mary said...

Tell your husband that you have hardly anything! I should do you a favor and take of photo of my books and magazines. It's scary!

Paula said... least it's a healthy obsession! Thank goodness for the public library system or I would really be in trouble.

stringplay said...

There is no such thing as "way too many books" (unless for me you mean cookbooks!). Aren't we lucky to have so many and such variety available?!

minipurl said...

Yumm....books and knitting......we must be kindred spirits. I had a knitting book library before I could even knit...
Don't you love the Mason Dixon book? It's really what pushed me over the edge into knitting heaven.

Kim said...

There's no such thing as too many books. It's just not possible. When planning our budget, I include books like I include "gas" and "food." They're one of life's necessities.