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Friday, March 19, 2010

even fraggles knit

Remember Fraggle Rock? Those little guys from the 1980s were clearly related to the other muppets in looks and parentage (they all sprang from the genius of Jim Henson). But Fraggles were somehow more edgy, more hip, more ... twisted.

This little clip has been making the rounds of Facebook and YouTube. It's the time of the Great Radish Famine, and the industrious Doozers (those busy little builders) are facing a crisis of epic proportion: with no radishes, they can't make Doozer Sticks, which are their chosen building material.

Now they're unemployed, faced with economic extinction and the loss of their society as they know it (sound familiar?). So what do they do? Why, they take up knitting, of course. Unfortunately, the Doozers don't really love the knitting. Me? I'd be happy to trade in my job and spend the whole day knitting if I thought I could get away with it.

Enjoy the video.

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Anonymous said...

Great cap! Arrived fast, well made and everyone admires it.