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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

public enemy number 1

Some radical knitter has the town of West Cape May, NJ in a dither. This knitting terrorist is being referred to by residents as "The Midnight Knitter" and she (or he) has been skulking around after dark, encasing trees in colorful little sweaters. The news is apparently so big that it's been published in papers all the way over in Finland. Oh my!
The act is officially known as "Yarn Bombing." Some call it "Knitting Graffiti," and one clever Ravelry poster referred to it as "Yarndalism." Last year, the parking meters along Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights were wrapped in these colorful knit cozies. That, though was municipally approved. The Brooklyn project was led by Texas artist Magda Sayeg, who has created such installations across the globe. She, however, is not the one responsible for the West Cape May yarndalism.

West Cape May law enforcement is not amused by the sweaters, and the police there are steadfastly trying to find the guerilla stitcher. You see, this act is technically against the law as it is being committed on public property without permission.

Discussion on a Ravelry thread about this phenomenon has more than 100 posts, mostly supporting the whimsical garments. There is one detractor, however, who is passionately decrying the art as threatening the long term health of the trees. (C'mon, really?)

I've got to say, maybe we should all consider moving to West Cape May, NJ. Here in New York City we live under a perpetual Orange Alert, with police posted at every bridge and tunnel entrance to ensure that explosives are not transported across the boroughs. We lock our car doors and our house doors and don't buzz people into our buildings unless we know without a shadow of a doubt exactly who they are. But in West Cape May, NJ, the biggest threat to public safety seems to be a knitter with a slightly warped sense of humor.

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