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Monday, March 15, 2010

science fair project

Statement of Purpose: To what uses will a trifold board be put other than those for which it is intended?

Hypothesis: Given the overwhelming choice of real toys in my messy household, and the fact that the trifold board is actually earmarked for a science fair project, I propose that the board will be pressed into service as a plaything.

Material List: One heavy-duty trifold board; one preschooler; apartment overflowing with toys and games.

  1. Have husband bring home trifold board for 5th grader's science fair project.
  2. Leave board inexplicably sitting in the middle of the living room floor for two days.
  3. Leave preschooler to his own devices for half an hour.


Conclusion: Within 10 minutes of being left unsupervised, Seth had enfolded himself within the trifold board. When asked about this, he informed us that he was camping out and this was his tent.

Discussion: No matter how many toys and games a home may have, the kids will always prefer the things they can create themselves.

Credits: Charles, for leaving the trifold board sitting on the floor; Ian for not using it sooner; Seth, for his wonderful imagination.

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