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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

favorite (fictional) knitters, part II

Good old Marge Simpson. Kind, loving, loyal. Patient to the point of ridiculousness. How she puts up with her oaf of a husband and her very "special" son is anyone's guess. (Although she is certainly inspirational to all of us who have gifted but challenging kids.)

Marge is every-woman; every-mom. She's suburban America personified: baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and probably Chevrolet. Or is she?

Did you know that Marge was the cover girl for Playboy magazine's November 2009 issue? That not only makes her the first cartoon character to appear on the iconic magazine's cover, but one of the rare middle-aged mothers to do so as well.
In her magazine spread, Marge reveals a saucier, sexier side. (And a far curvier body than one would expect under that green dress and ladylike pearls.)
Good old Marge. An excellent reminder that you can be on the far side of (oh, let's say 35 for kicks); you can sport a blue beehive and drive a station wagon; you can even knit like someone's granny; but you're still vital and full of surprises.

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