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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

d is for diet

And also for "don't need it."
Since I started working on the Master Hand Knitter course, I've lost 4 pounds without even trying. I'm so obsessed (yes, I will admit it) that I've got sticks and wool in my hands every spare moment, as well as during some moments I shouldn't be sparing. If my hands are filled with needles, they don't have room to be filled with chocolate.

The photo above was taken from the requisite monthly diet article in the April 2010 issue of Glamour, but honestly, it could have come from any women's magazine, couldn't it?

Here is my alternative to the same old diet story. I call it ...

4 Knitting Ways to Lose 4 Pounds
  1. Stick to it. Knit the same swatch three times trying to make consistently sized stitches.
  2. Add steps to your day. Leave your unblocked swatches on a shelf that you thought was out of your kids' reaches. Look for swatches when you're ready to start blocking, only to find they're gone. Get 20 minutes of calisthenics searching for the missing swatches.
  3. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Block your first four swatches, then photograph them, only to realize that the work was not nearly as good looking as you first thought. Knit swatches a 4th time.
  4. And of course, take in fewer calories. Get so absorbed in getting it right this time, you totally forget to eat dinner. (I swear, this actually happened to me this week. And I am someone who never, absolutely ever forgets to eat.)
Not necessarily so quick and easy. But my weight-loss strategy, which I think I'll call the Obsessive-Compulsive Knitter's Diet, is effective anyway.


stringplay said...

Great 'D'. I'm always running around looking for SOMEthing I've misplaced. Sadly no weight loss noticed. Maybe if I quit eating M&Ms??

Lori said...

Well for starters, it helps if the misplaced stuff has been helped along by little people. Then you're bending, stooping and crawling 'cause the missing stuff is invariably hidden at a 3-year-old's eye level.

As for M&M's ... no on should ever quit eating them.

Annie said...

Very funny! But I did try and it doesn't work for me: the more things I lose, try to find etc, the hungrier I get. Then I don't pay attention, lose something else, try to find it, etc. It's time for Easter eggs. Chocolate. With all kind of lovely fillings.
Where is my knitting!!
Thank you for today's smile.

minipurl said...

Oh, how I love this post. :)