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Sunday, February 14, 2010

conventional beauty.

Canadian knitwear designer Mark Fast is another designer whose clothes I can only look at with dropped jaw and envious heart. I could never in a million years come up with the amazing designs he creates. But even better, Mr. Fast has earned a very special place in my pantheon of designers: this past September he walked three "plus-size" models down the catwalk alongside more "conventionally slim" models (as a newspaper article described them). Two of his people (a stylist and a creative director) were so outraged they walked out on him three days before London Fashion Week.
The model on the left is the "conventionally slim" girl. (I wonder whose conventions we're using?) The model on the right is one of the fatties who caused two fashionistas to storm out in anger. She's a size 12-14. On one of her fat days, she's the size of the average American woman. 

I have to thank you Mark, from the bottom of my "unconventional" heart.

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