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Saturday, February 20, 2010

pure chaos

My house in the morning. Charles is trying to get the kids ready for gymnastics.

Charles and the kids: "Get your gloves." "I can't find my gloves! Where are my gloves?" "I can't find my hat!" "Mom, my scarf is missing." "I know I had two gloves! Where's the other one?" "You need gloves. It's cold. Find your other glove." "I don't have two matching gloves!" "Fine, wear an unmatched pair."

Me: "You know ... the reason I put that chest of drawers in the coat closet is so you can put your things away when you take them off. Then you'd be able to find everything when you need it."

Ian: "What drawers?"

Me: "The ones that are labelled Gloves, Winter Hats and Scarves?"

Ian: (with all sincerity in his voice) "Oh, is that what those are for?"

You can't make this stuff up.

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