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Saturday, February 6, 2010

lots of links, here!

I have to thank AlyceinNYC from Ravelry for sending me the link to Sinje Ollen's blog: Knit Your Socks Off. Sinje is a New York based knitwear designer, and her designs are to die for. In my wildest imagination, I could only aspire to design clothing as cutting edge and sexy as hers.

Sinje is blogging her way through New York City's local yarn shops. So far she's reviewed something like 30 shops in three boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens). Her reviews are timely and highly informative. There's also a wonderful guide to yarn way back at the beginning of her blog (January 2009). 

Thanks to "Knit Your Socks Off," I may just have to get off my bum and leave Brooklyn and my three go-to yarn shops (Lana's Fabrics, Stitch Therapy, and Knit-A-Way) to explore woolier pastures in Manhattan and Queens.

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