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Monday, February 22, 2010

sittin' by the fence of the bay

Finally, a beautiful, warm winter day in New York. We hit a high of 40 degrees at noon. (Hey, that's tropical by our standards.) It was so nice, Charles and I took the kids for a walk to the Nature Center after school. The trail is closed for reconstruction, but the birds don't know the difference.

We spotted mallards and buffleheads (mostly paired off and a little aggressive this time of year), a pair of swans, tons of seagulls, a gaggle of black brants, and one lone plover. I'm still waiting to spot the marsh hawks that allegedly nest there.
The Nature Center was my second bird walk of the day. The classrooms I work in had no heat, so we took the little ones to Sheepshead Bay to feed the birds there. More ducks, swans, and seagulls, plus pigeons. And if you think it was easy to get the seagulls to pose that nicely for the camera, think again. They're real divas, those seagulls.

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