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Friday, February 26, 2010

funny kid stories, part II

There's a painting covering the wall of the parking lot for Seth's school. Yesterday, Seth remarked on it for the first time.

"Mommy, that's a beautiful painting."

"Yes it is," I agreed. Then being a teacher, and not one to pass up a teachable moment, I continued, "Do you know that when you paint a picture on a wall it's called a mural?"

"Isn't it bad to paint on the walls?" Seth wanted to know.

Hmm ... how to answer this one without subjecting OUR walls to future Seth scribbles?

"Well, when the owner of the wall says it's okay and you paint something beautiful, it's not bad," I offered.

"But it's bad to paint on walls," Seth insisted.

"No honey, when it's a mural it's not bad. It's art."

"Okay," Seth said happily. "Then my bedroom door isn't bad. It's a mural."

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Kassidee said...

Love it! Reminds me of a similar story about my nephew. Kids are too funny.