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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

homage to ingres: maybe mom overreacted?

I found the picture of my sister that caused all the uproar way back when. (And I won't even mention what a trial it was to locate! Oops, already did.)

I did no cropping to the photograph I took. This is the picture, exactly as I composed it 25 years ago. Do you see anything pornographic about it? Heck, Ingres was all about that little bit of booty, and I didn't go anywhere near that. All I see is a gorgeous curve of back and neck, light glowing artistically on skin, and the sinuous drape of fabric.

Back then, my mother forbade me from showing this photo to ANYONE. But now, thanks to the wonderful world wide web, I can show it to the everyone in the entire world!!!! Or - more realistically - to any of the handful of people who actually reads this blog.

Guess those mother-daughter power issues never really do go away. But since mom is no longer here to add her 2 cents, I win. (Mwaa-ha-ha-ha!)


Kassidee said...

It is beautiful. She is beautiful. You are beautiful. The end.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo