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Monday, February 15, 2010

ribbit, ribbit

I overcame one of my fears and entered the 2010 Ravelympics on Ravelry. The point of the games is to take on a yarn-work challenge and complete it from start to finish within the time contraints of the Winter Olympics.

My event is the Aerial Unwind. The competition consists of frogging a UFO (for those of you who don't speak "knit", that means ripping back an unfinished object) to reclaim the yarn. This has always been a challenge for me as a knitter. When I've given up on a project in the past, I've either donated it to my mother-in-law's craft group or (gasp!) just thrown it away. Not this time. This time I'm a contender.

This was my first post on the Ravelry thread:

"You poor, sweet tank. Such a lovely neckline, such beautiful, yet simple lacework. Enough to make a project interesting but not too complicated. And yet, somehow, we never even made it to the armhole level before I cheated on you. I apologize for stealing your yarn for projects that promised more immediate gratification. Without those extra skeins, there’s just no way to complete what we started. And so I say, with just a hint of a tear in my eye, I need to stop denying it’s over. I need to get rid of all traces of something that started out with such promise. Only then can I free up those size 6 circulars and get on with my life."

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